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Fitness can be fun, exciting and adventurous when exercises and workouts are not mundane. The dreadful fitness plateau is often reached when there is not a mix of different workout types. Boxing is one of the best workouts to provide the benefits of cardiovascular activity, conditioning and strength. The good news is that althought boxing is a contact sport, the contact is not necessary to be fearless, strong, fit, and confident because boxing (when taught properly) is stress-free and intuitive. UYBC Fitness teaches the proper techniques in footwork, hand and eye coordination and defense combined with other exercises from the NASM and EXOS methodologies that focus on power, strength, flexibility, endurance and overall function.


Strength & Conditioning | Weight Loss

weight Loss

Today's workplace requires sitting for long times in front of mobile and laptop devices not only in an office behind a desk but also remotely at the neighborhood coffee shop. These settings can contribute to bad eating and snacking habits which can lead to sneaky weight gain and muscle atrophy. Clothes will start fitting snug and active movement becomes a pattern of the past.

1 liter of fat weighs 1.98 pounds. Learn the difference between good and bad carbs and fat. Enjoy a weight loss plan and meal regimen that reduces the fat and increases the muscle. UYBC Fitness combines the proper training and nutrition for a fitter and more toned you.

Strength & Conditioning

Athletes are injury prone because they inadvertently overcompensate muscle use for their sport. Casual runners are injured due to overuse bypassing gradual long runs with lack of leg, glute and core strength. UYBC Fitness focuses on functional performance to ensure the proper muscles are working for each exercise - prolonging the athlete or runner's livelihood.

Musclar strength and endurance are required not only for athletes but daily living. From carrying children to groceries, rearranging furniture, walking up stairs or dancing, strength and endurance is required. UYBC Fitness balances both for its clients based on body type and client goals.


The better our bodies feel, the better we feel. Sedentary lifestyles, age and health conditions can lead to movement dysfunctions that can be improved with exercise. Gradually increasing heart rate with cardio exercises can proactively prevent and/or eliminate some illnesses. Whether young or old, body movement is essential to fight off mental instability, obesity and health conditions.

UYBC Fitness evaluates the functional progress of each client over several sessions and creates programs for all ages for healthy sustainable lifestyles. The ultimate goal is to return clients to a state of normalcy, being as good or even better than they use to be.

professional BOXING

So You Think You Are a Pro?

UYBC trains professional boxers in tested techniques in landing punches, defense, footwork and counter punches with a focus on hit precision to win against the toughest components. Coach O.P. runs private training camps in South Florida, Texas and New York that foster correct nutrition, conditioning and recovery.

Coach O.P. is the chief and second in the corner for Al Hayman fighters cruiserweight Michael "Bounty" Hunter and middleweight Thomas Hill, Mayweather fighters super middleweight J'Leon Love, cruiserweight Andrew Tabiti and junior welterweight Juan Heraldez, and sleeper phenomenons like junior welterweight Keith Hunter, junior middleweight Tommy Brown and lightweight Kevin Johnson.

youth BOXING

10 and up Welcome!

Sanctioned USA Boxing coach, "Coach O.P.", focuses on teaching boxing fundamentals to those aspiring to become professionals in the sport. UYBC develops amateur programs in gyms across the world with progression levels to track improvements in technique, defense and precision as well as respect and sportsmanship to promote future Olympian and professional boxers.

UYBC promotes local amateur boxing shows including Junior Olympics, Golden Gloves and Silver Gloves across California and Nevada.

Otis Pimpleton aka "Coach O.P."

the Ultimate Performance Coach

Coach O.P., owner of UYBC Fitness, was trained by legendary Roger "Black Mamba" Maywewather since the age of 7 and elevated his boxing skills and insights over the past two decades. Coupled with a decade in strength and conditioning and functional performance, Coach O.P. transitioned his 1984 Olympic boxing training camp invitation and state championship titles into a mastermind of boxing regimen and NASM-certified strength and performance techniques that have garnered titles from heavyweight legend James "Lights Out" Toney to cruiserweight Michael "The Bounty" Hunter.

In addition to private training sessions, Coach O.P. offers professional development clinics for fitness personnel in gyms around the world and strength and conditioning and functional performance consulting for enhanced performance for NFL, USATF and Olympic Tae-Kwondo athletes.

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